The Importance Of Networking With Sales Professionals At Insurance Conferences

Submitted by: Karen Mae Cordon

Networking, in its basic form, is the expansion of the circle of acquaintances by meeting people who can potentially help in developing one s career prospects. Of course, networking can be tailored fit to one s needs. For instance, socializing with sales professional at insurance conferences is a form of networking that can boost one s career in the insurance industry.

The importance of networking is especially valuable to professionals involved in sales and marketing. This is because the nature of the work is to promote products and services to a larger audience. Creating awareness of the brand or service involves getting the attention of the right people, and the way to get to them is to interact with people that work with them. Even though this is an indirect way, it is proven to work many times over.

This is the reason why insurance sales professionals should learn the art of effective networking. Being an insurance sales professional can be very rewarding financially, but the profession does not come without its negative side. Insurance agents are perhaps the most badly treated sales professionals because they tend to be relentless in their sales pitch. Some of the most annoying are those that hound prospective clients into buying insurance. This is an outdated strategy that needs to be revamped.


Attending insurance conferences exposes the sales professionals to like-minded individuals who will most likely be able to help them in their endeavors. One of the benefits is that one can have access to other professionals network, which increases the likelihood of a client buying an insurance policy. What s great about this is that there is element reciprocity. One can take advantage of the other s circle of acquaintance, and vice versa.

Insurance conference is a good venue for sales professionals to practice their networking skills. They can learn to properly interact with different kinds of people without being intrusive and annoying. Since conferences bring together people with different personalities, they can be a good training ground for fledgling sales professionals. Insurance agents can learn to accept rejection in stride. Instead of being discouraged, they can try again using different strategies.

Networking is not just for novice sales professionals and insurance agents; it is also for seasoned professionals and veterans. The sales and marketing landscape has changed over the years. This means that the strategies used in the past are no longer as effective in the current business environment. By networking, long-time practitioners are able to update their skills and remain relevant. This way, they can compete even with the younger and more tech-savvy counterparts.

There is a common misconception that networking only works for individuals who are smooth talkers by nature and those who have the gift of gab. This notion is flawed as networking helps build confidence in people who are shy and reserved. Constant interaction with people in the same industry would help a shy sales professional to be more open and exhibit less inhibition.

Networking also helps in developing patience in an individual because the benefits of participating usually manifest in the mid- to long-term. Networking does not promise immediate results. Closing deals and finalizing sales transactions usually start to happen after a few weeks, months, or even years. Building a business relationship takes time and should not be rushed. The concept of networking is not about instant gratification; it is about slowly creating goodwill and building a network of prospective clients.

Constant interaction with fellow insurance sales professionals will help keep friendly competition. In most cases, a more open and complementary relationship can lead to better sales results as the reciprocation tends to bring in more clients. This means that even in a cutthroat competition, there will always be room for a friendly alliance that can bring in positive results. Insurance conferences are held periodically in various locations. It is advisable that insurance professionals take part in these events, not just to promote insurance-related products and services, but also to widen the market reach. The wider the reach, the more clients would avail of the products, which translates into more sales and revenues in the long run.

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