What To Do When You Are Bitten By A Dog

By Craig Lawson

A dog bite sounds like a trivial injury but it can be just as traumatic or even more traumatic than a car accident. Many people have suffered severe injuries that needed prolonged stays in the hospital with multiple surgeries and physical therapy just to get back to normal. Some victims are so shaken by the experience that they sink into depression or in extreme cases, develop post traumatic stress disorder. That can then lead to the loss of employment and an ever increasing amount of debt. If you have been bitten by a dog do not take chances, follow these steps:

1. Seek medical care immediately. No matter what you have heard about how clean a dog’s mouth is, you will need to get the wound cleaned and dress as soon as you can. A dog bite can result in a serious and life threatening infection.

2. Do not put yourself in further danger of injury but try to find the dog that bit you. Once you have found the dog then you will have to try to locate its owner. It is vital to get the owners name,address and phone number because they will be responsible for compensating you for your injuries.


3.Do not talk with the owner’s insurance agent, agree to anything they say or sign anything. They are not your friend, they just want you to go away. They are there to represent their client and do anything that they need to in order to get you to admit that the attack was your fault. Wait and let your Alpharetta dog bite attorney talk to them on your behalf. They will have the training needed to avoid potential pitfalls.

4. The attack will need to be reported to the police or sheriff department just like any other crime. They will need any information that you have discovered about the dog and its owner. When going to the hospital, usually the hospital will report the attack also to the counties pound for investigation.

5. Take pictures of the injuries that you sustained from the dog bite, from the time you get them until they heal. If it goes to court your Alpharetta Personal Injury Attorney will be able to show the extent of your pain and suffering.

6. Contact an experienced Alpharetta dog bite attorney. There are many reasons to hire a good Alpharetta dog bite lawyer. You may be immobilized and they can do the leg work of getting witnesses, gathering evidence and collecting statements. Also, the responsibility for the dog can be hard to trace depending on the owner of the property, location of the dog and many other factors. A qualified Alpharetta dog bite lawyer will be able to sort out the chain of responsibility and get you the compensation that you need for your medical bills.

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